[1] Pickles, Half-Sour

2 qts water

1 tablespoon white vinegar

8-15 tablespoons salt - to you preference I go with the smaller amount

Boil the above and cool it off


tablespoon pepper corns

large sprig fresh young dill

2-4 (I use 8-10!) cloves garlic


Stuff large non metallic pickling jar with gherkins

(I like small ones)


Layer with garlic and dill and peppercorns.


Pour in cooled liquid.


Cover LOOSELY and let stand in a cool dark place  for 1-2 days.


Check every 1/2 day.  Will get cloudy. Taste the pickles. 

Keep going in 1/2 day increments if needed to get to the

"doneness" you like, then refrigerate to stop the fermentation.


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